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By G. M. Boyd

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Stable fracture is controllable in that the process can be stopped merely by ceasing to pull. Unstable fracture on the other hand, occurs under the action of the elastic energy, stored in the body itself, which is released during the fracture process. An example of this is the bursting of an elastically stressed diaphragm such as a drumhead. Once the drum is punctured the fracture progresses uncon- , trollably, the driving force for crack extension being the elastic energy initially stored in the diaphragm.

Normally, molten filler njetal is added to fill the weld preparation and this mixes with any melted parent metal. As the region heated is usually small in comparison with the size of plate, the rate of cooling is rapid, both in the weld metal and in the heat affected zone (HAZ), because of the relative­ ly efficient conduction of heat from the weld into the neighbouring colder material. Thus, the weld metal may be likened to a small chill casting sur­ rounded by a band of material which is first rapidly heated and then rapidly cooled, the peak temperature decreasing steeply across the HAZ.

New York; Chapman & Hall, London (1959) 10. Brittle Fracture of Welded Plate, Prentice-Hall (1967) CHAPTER 3 ENGINEERING AND METALLURGICAL FACTORS INFLUENCING FRACTURE Before discussing the factors which tend to favour or inhibit fracturing, there is need to understand the meanings of 'initiation', 'propagation' and 'arrest'. Consider a wide plate in tension, having a notch at one edge. As the load increases, yielding and work hardening occur locally at the root of the notch and eventually a small crack opens up in the normal fibrous manner (see Chapter 2).

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