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Describes the historical past, gear and methods of bowling.

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Ture, EP mmym liable to see all different ""styles" of bowl- from three to eight steps, a crouching pos- duck-walking footwork, little or no backswing. m WLING may be taken more longer arm. Hence, the footwork quickly. A longer arm. and BALL the resulting longer-timed swing, requires slower footwork. You can use any form to sometimes scoring quite high! or a ver>' high backswing. knock down the in short, is any pins, style will work— for a price! The price a lack of consistency and greater wear and tear on the body.

To decrease work without a difficulty. ball • 49 50 Bowling: Steps to Success OnO'Step Delivery 2. This may drill finish often for also be called a Tinish" or a "power push" delivery. two main reasons. you can use First, ingrain movements. Second, you can use muscles involved in it to strengthen and maintain the back, position, but stand approximately 4 feet the second arrow. Begin your cadence and focus on your Execute every mo\'ement above the waist as ball and let you analyze, troubleshoot. and leg, and hand ginng your delivery more power.

A high leverage "power push" finish. • Is first swing, Once you youre ready bowl and score your owti games. Why deliver}' consists of • step deliven' (not covered in this book). know how a Four-Step down) with both hands and with your bowling shoulder and your target. Keep your bowling arm 90 degrees (perpendicular) to your shoulders. On 'one': Step forward with your swingside foot so that your elbows lock (extend into the pushaway 45 46 Bowling: Steps to Success • your swingside heel makes contact position) as multaneously on the count of "one" foot in the first step is You must do it necessary to create a to establish the entire deliven'.

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