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Bonsai Los Olivos ХОББИ и РЕМЕСЛА, ДОМ И САД Год: 2001 Формат: PDF Количество страниц: sixty seven Язык: Испанский Размер: 23.86 МбВ книгеданы ответы на все практические вопросы,связанные с выращиванием бонсай из оливы. Демонстрируемая техника подойдет и для других лиственных деревьев. скачать с скачать с eighty five

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C Obverse. Reverse. III. I. S S D II vi. IV. # vi, C S D II vi, C Obverse. Reverse. A R. D Obverse. Reverse. V. II ORMOND HALF-CROWN. Fig. 69. S Reverse. R. A R. C Obverse. Weight, 456 grains. S D II vi, spiral ends to S. A R. as III, but figures shorter. A R. figures thinner. Weight, 227 grains. Fig. 70. Onnond Money. FIG. Shilling Re-verse. Obverse. I. D XII. ORMOND HALF-CROWN, PLAIN 70. C Obverse. TYPE. R. Fig. 71. FIG. II. 345 C 71. ORMOND SHILLING. R, letters smaller. D Reverse. III. XII, Obverse.

Walters an example of of plate, obviously cut direct from a piece the cabinet of struck upon a flan, since in addition to the design II, it bears on the flan the lion passant The Obsidional Money of 346 the Great Rebellion. together with the letter jj, the date letter of Goldsmiths' Hall, London, This coin is of considerable interest since it proves for the year 1625. that all the plate was not melted down for the purpose of the coinage the terms of the proclamation, but that in cut direct from the plate.

47. , 1648. The Obsidional Money of the Great Rebellion. 326 Beneath a large crown with jewelled band, Obverse. Unite. DVM SPIRO : The Reverse. PC ; the vertical, to the left hand right SECVNDVS R C around ; SPERO. gateway with a castle OBS : tower flag around ; upon the central tower between of the castle, a cannon projecting from are the CAROLVS words, \ 1648 : struck from circular dies, upon an octagonal It weighs only I38'5 grains, although the full weight This unique coin flan (Fig. 47). is of the unite at this period was 140*5 The grains.

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