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Work transforms talent into genius. 2007 10:49 Uhr Seite 50 BECOME AN IRONMAN ••• 50 Becoming Ironman Rich Clark on his way to yet another of many course records 9 Faster Is Better: Biking We’ve been talking about the ongoing quest to post faster race results and the necessity of setting goals and working a plan in order to accomplish this. We focused on improving the swim over a 4-week period. Now let’s talk about what happens after we get out of the water. The first thing to keep in mind is that we’re not training for the Tour de France.

Rest Triathletes are often reluctant to take a full day of rest or a recovery week, although both are critical to a successful season. Growth in strength and endurance doesn’t occur when you train; it occurs afterward, when you rest. As the very first step in building your weekly schedule, plan your rest and recovery. Then build your workouts around that, planning your weaker discipline workouts first. For (a lot) more on this critical topic, see Chapter 17. 2007 10:49 Uhr Seite 42 Periodization — Make It Work for You The training we do creates stress on the body.

Parts of this movie show him running through the African countryside with an effortless stride and feeling nothing but pure joy. For me, this is the picture in my mind’s eye that focuses and re-energizes me. Find your own inspiration or go to your local video store and rent mine. ) run. On the bike, concentrate on good technique and your nutrition, both of which will pay off on the run. This transition run needn’t be fast, just strong, getting your legs working and establishing your running rhythm as quickly as possible.

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