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By Alexander Sulakvelidze, Elizabeth Kutter

Based on the emergence of pathogenic micro organism that can not be taken care of with present antibiotics, many researchers are revisiting using bacteriophages, or phages, to struggle multidrug-resistant micro organism. Bacteriophages: Biology and functions presents extraordinary, accomplished details on bacteriophages and their functions, reminiscent of phage remedy. It deals concepts, media, and method all in favour of keeping apart and dealing with healing phages. images, line drawings, and electron micrographs of phages also are integrated. With its vast process, this ebook is an invaluable reference for microbiologists, hematologists, and infectious ailment researchers.

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This group is often some subset of one species,1 but several related species can sometimes be infected by the same phage. Phages, like all viruses, are absolute parasites. Although they carry all the information to direct their own reproduction in an appropriate host, they have no machinery for generating energy and no ribosomes for making proteins. They are the most abundant living entities on earth, found in very large numbers wherever their hosts live—in sewage and feces, in the soil, in deep thermal vents, and in natural bodies of water, as discussed in Chapter 5.

While it is often assumed that the Phage Group had a clear vision of the importance of DNA as the genetic material, that was not the case. Luria (1947) developed a detailed model of the gene to explain the results of MR. ” Luria viewed the reproduction of the gene in a way that was analogous to the ideas about protein synthesis: “We can imagine that each active unit impresses its specificity on a number of elements produced in excess inside the host cell, elements which represent the raw material then utilized to build more phage particles.

E. , A non-hereditary host-induced variation of bacterial viruses, J Bacteriol, 64, 557, 1952. Luria, S. E. , 1947 Ultraviolet irradiation during intracellular growth. J Bacteriol 53: 149. Lwoff, A. , Recherches sur un Bacillus megathérium lysogène, Ann Inst Pasteur, 78, 711, 1950. Maaløe, O. , The transfer of radioactive phosphorus from parental to progeny phage. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 37: 507, 1951. , Clinical studies of the use of bacteriophage in the treatment of cholera, Bull World Health Org.

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