Atlas of the Facial Nerve and Related Structures by Nobutaka Yoshioka, Albert L. Rhoton PDF

By Nobutaka Yoshioka, Albert L. Rhoton

Nobutaka Yoshioka, MD, PhD and Albert L. Rhoton Jr., MD have created an anatomical atlas of staggering precision. An unheard of educating software, this atlas opens a distinct window into the anatomical intricacies of advanced facial nerves and comparable structures.

An the world over well known writer, educator, mind anatomist, and neurosurgeon, Dr. Rhoton is seemed via colleagues as one of many fathers of contemporary microscopic neurosurgery. Dr. Yoshioka, an esteemed craniofacial reconstructive health practitioner in Japan, mastered this targeted dissection approach whereas venture a fellowship at Dr. Rhotons microanatomy lab, writing within the preface that inside of such precision photographs lies strength for surgical innovation.

Special Features:

  • Includes a couple of 3D glasses to view the awesome pictures which are on hand on-line within the Thieme MediaCenter
  • Exquisite colour pictures, ready from rigorously dissected latex injected cadavers, display anatomy layer by means of layer, with amazing aspect and clarity

  • Major sections comprise intracranial area and cranium, higher facial and midfacial sector, and reduce facial and posterolateral neck region

Organized by way of sector, every one layered dissection elucidates particular nerves and constructions with pinpoint accuracy, supplying the clinician with in-depth anatomical insights. exact medical factors accompany every one photo. In tandem, the pictures and textual content supply an outstanding beginning for figuring out the nerves and buildings impacted by means of neurosurgical-related pathologies in addition to different stipulations and injuries.

An really attractive anatomical reference, this ebook is a must have reference for citizens, and complex clinicians focusing on neurosurgery, facial cosmetic surgery, otolaryngology, maxillofacial surgical procedure, and craniofacial surgery.

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1. The maxillary region. The mimetic muscles have been removed. The infraorbital nerve and zygomaticofacial nerve pass through each foramen respectively. The zygomaticofacial nerve supplies the skin over the prominence of the cheek. The anterior superior alveolar nerve arises from the infraorbital nerve within the infraorbital canal and runs within the bone of the anterior maxillary wall. It supplies the anterior third of half side of teeth. The middle superior alveolar nerve is an inconsistent branch that arises from the infraorbital nerve or maxillary nerve.

Communication between external nasal a. and lateral nasal a. External nasal v. Levator anguli oris m. Alar cartilage Facial v. Lateral nasal a. Columellar a. , Depressor septi m. Septal a. a Fig. 11a,b. (a) The midfacial region. The nasalis and depressor septi muscles have been removed to leave their attachments, (b) Medial view of the lateral nasal wall. The anterior ethmoidal nerve and artery enter the roof of the nasal cavity and give rise to the lateral and medial internal nasal branches. The lateral internal branches pass to the lateral wall of the nose, whereas the medial internal nasal branches run to the nasal septum.

The arterial communication between the superficial temporal artery and the deep branch of the supraorbital artery is shown. The pericranium is continuous with the temporal fascia in the temporal region. 2/10/2015 1:39:45 PM 5 Forehead and Orbital Region 25 Lateral br. of supraorbital n. Deep brs. Medial br. of supraorbital n. Supraorbital a. Superficial br. b Pericranium (with loose areolar tissue) Lateral br. of supraorbital n. Pericranial v. Supratrochlear a. ) Corrugator supercilii m. , v. Supraorbital a.

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