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By Herbert Begemann

-Enhanced sixth version comprises extra illustrations and documented figures

-A excellent reference for hematological and oncological departments and the clincal labortory

-Classified findings from the realm overall healthiness Organization

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33/34. 37 Fig. 7. Neutrophil myelocytes, metamyelocytes and band forms -1,250x Further maturation of the promyelocyte produces the myelocyte (cells 1-13). Generally, these cells are somewhat smaller than the promyelocytes. The cell diameter ranges from 14 to 20 J-lm. The coarse promyelocytic granulation disappears. From it develops the typical fine neutrophil or coarse basophil or eosinophil (see Fig. 9) granulation. The basophilia of the cytoplasm lightens from the nucleus and its staining affinity changes to acidophil.

Disintegrated leukocytes are found in the peripheral blood due to effects of certain irritations (cells 6-9). Usually, they are of the same size as segmented leukocytes but frequently are much smaller (4-8 11m). Mostly, their cytoplasm is more basophil, the granulation coarser and often blurred. A typical example is nuclear pyknosis. Usually, 3-5 completely structureless nuclear remnants are seen lying in the cytoplasm like drops. The filaments connecting the nuclear remnants have largely disappeared.

Fix thin, airdried blood smears in 80% ethanol, wash in water and dry. If the process has to be interrupted, the smears can be preserved in the refrigerator for 4-5 days. For elution, the smears are placed vertically into a beaker that contains the buffer and is placed in a water bath 'of 37° C. Duration of elution 3 min; the smears are lifted for mixing the buffer after 1 and 2 min and replaced. Rinse under running water. Staining. 1 % aqueous erythrosin solution for 3 min. Examine under the microscope with a x 40 dry lens or in oil immersion.

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