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This is the form used in telling the time. com/pages/Lets-Talk-Arabic Arabic - English glossary The following glossary contains the words presented in this book. Also most of the meanings given are as used in the book. Plurals are given in brackets after singulars, and verbs are given in Arabic in present and past tenses.

How to know those letters? Simply they are the ones which we use the tip of the tongue to pronounce them: "t, th, d, dh, r, z, sh, s, l, n". Fourteen of the Arabic alphabets: The other 14 letters which don't force "l" in "al" to be silent are called "moon letters" because the word "moon" = in Arabic begins with one of them. Here is the example for both cases: "SabaaH" = a morning, "aS-SabaaH" = the morning. "Masaa'" = an evening, "al-masaa'" = the evening. "Shams" = sun, "ash-shams" = the sun. "qamar" = moon, "al-qamar" = the moon.

Look at the next: Third group: These letters also have the same rules of how to join them. Remember that any letters that have two parts (part written above the line & the other part is below the line) we cut the part which is below the line at a beginning of a word or in the middle. If that letter is located at the end it has to be written fully, as shown below: Fourth group: If any letter has two parts (above and below the line) we don't need the part which is below, unless at the end of a word; Fifth group: This is the simplest one as nothing has to be changed.

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