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By Rose Sinclair; Hermione Lewis

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Cc the Design phase cc Research design ideas on the internet, present mood boards, and so on, using graphics programs. cc Use graphics packages to present first ideas. cc Design fabric using CAD software. cc Put designs onto fabric using 2D mapping or 3D image-draping system. Key terms CAD – computer-aided design. Computer-aided designs are designs created using a computer. CAM – computer-aided manufacture. Computer-aided manufacture is where computers are used in the manufacturing process. Costing – the process of working out the cost of making a product.

Describe three ways that denim fabrics can be produced to reduce their impact on the environment. [3 marks] 2. Describe three symbols that might be found on a textile product’s label. [3 marks] 3. Design an environmentally friendly product’s care label and give explanations as to why you have included certain information. [3 marks] 1. Making skills Summary ccc You need to refer to your specifications to make sure you have fulfilled the criteria. cc Choosing the correct fabrics and components and carrying out modelling tasks helps towards gaining the highest mark.

Experiment with different colourways using CAD software such as Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe® Illustrator® and SpeedStep®. Knowledge link For more on researching current trends, see Chapter 7, pages 159–60. cc Model the product in paper to see if it is the right size and shape and to enable you to visualise the decoration placement. Will the decorations work together? cc Experiment with different construction techniques. Knowledge link For more on researching making techniques, see Chapter 2. 26 up part of the garment or a complete toile.

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