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W W 0 - L + c u 0 D Process operating computer v) v) W U L 0 a I I 33 System bus I Process-level components 0 0 0 0 0 Process-level Components 0 0 0 0 0 34 0 2. Information Structures in Process Control Engineering System communications functions thought of as interface functions (system bus, field bus).

In the near future, such a production management system will become a permanent component of all production operations in the process industries. These functions will be implemented in a decentralized manner in individual operations. Production management systems must be available in a configurable, off-the-shelf form, if only for economic reasons. The individual functions must therefore be implemented in the form of self-contained, comprehensible subsystems (Fig. 30). 88]): On the basis of sales and operating quantity plans and using inventories and orders, they can determine in advance the net demand for products and feedstocks over all production stages (production planning).

24) also arise from process engineering. 75]. 78]. 25 illustrates the correspondence of plant model and process model (see also Fig. 26). Process Control Engineering. To illustrate the relationship between process engineering and process control engineering, consider what happens in the transition from a generally valid recipe for making product A to a recipe for making productA in plantX. In a taxonomy of recipes, this is a concretization of the “plant-independent” basic recipe into a plant-dependent control recipe.

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