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Intrinsic ocular movements Anatomy and diagram ......................... 35 35 35 38 39 40 41 42 42 43 44 44 45 46 The oculomotor nerve is a motor nerve. It supplies the levator palpebrae superioris muscle and most of the oculomotor muscles except the lateral rectus (VI) and superior oblique (IV); also, via its parasympathetic fibers, the annular part of the ciliary muscle and the pupillary sphincter muscle. Paralysis may severely affect eye movements, involving both extrinsic and intrinsic ocular motility.

2. ---.... ~~f'-'IIJ'r. Medulla oblongata Optic nerve (II) 19 Anatomy Imaging COURSE - TERMINALS - COLLATERALS REGIONS EXAMINED Origin and intracranial course Examination of orbital cavity and optic canal Optic pathways: - chiasm, optic tracts - lateral geniculate body, pulvinar Imaging of third ventricle, interpeduncular and chiasmatic cisterns Cerebral cortex (occipital lobe), calcarine sulcus Imaging of occipitotemporal junction (posterior and inferior horns) with demonstration of calcarine sulcus Pathology - Hypophyseal tumors (compression of chiasm), - tumors of third ventricle (compression of optic nerves and chiasm), - meningiomata of lesser wing of sphenoid (ophthalmoplegia), - neurinoma of optic canal, - Crouzon's disease, - orbital apex syndrome (or Rollet's syndrome), - fracture of optic canal or anterior clinoid process, - major aneurysm of internal carotid artery, - ventricular tumors at occipitotemporal junction (optic radiations).

Intracavernous course of trochlear nerve Axial and sagittal views (MRI, CT) .............. Superior orbital fissure, reflexion pulley (trochlea) of superior oblique muscle Imaging ...................................... Course of trochlear nerve Horizontal, axial and sagittal views (MRI, CT) .... Anatomic dissections of oculomotor nerves ....... Axial view (MRI) and sagittal diagram ........... 49 49 49 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 The trochlear nerve is the most slender of the cranial nerves.

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