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Not leaders who we have to rely [on]. By opting neither to smash the system nor to assume control of its institutions, Sabiha is making life hard for herself. Every day she pieces together new ways to make a difference to issues that she cares about. She’s involved in running a free shop in the university. She leads an anti-fascist group committed to stopping extreme right-wing protest groups from visiting Bradford. She’s working on plans for a cooperative living space, supplied with food from a food co-op and powered by a gym where exercise bikes are hitched to generators.

Young adults and people from minority ethnic groups are the most likely to be living in areas of poverty and deprivation. 35 As they get older the disparities in the support they receive from parents or other social networks becomes more significant. One survey from found that nearly half of young first-time buyers benefited from assistance from family or friends with their deposit for house purchase. 36 Does more higher education mean a more equal generation? is government, like many before, has explicitly acknowledged the link between academic attainment and the life chances of young people.

Young people in 2010 e number of young people in Britain has remained relatively stable since the s, but as a proportion of the wider population they are diminishing. ere were . million – -year-olds in , accounting for per cent of the population, and . million in accounting for . 19 In under million and young people accounted for per cent of this number ( . 20 According to ONS population estimates, by – -year-olds will account for . 21 Within the next two decades we will pass a point where over- s will outnumber – -yearolds by two to one22.

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