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By Rui Tamura, Mikiji Miyata

For the decade, the themes of natural crystal chemistry became various, and every subject has been considerably complicated in live performance with the fast improvement of varied analytical and size strategies for solid-state natural fabrics. the purpose of this e-book is to systematically summarize and checklist the hot impressive advances in numerous issues of natural crystal chemistry related to liquid crystals and organic–inorganic hybrid fabrics which were accomplished more often than not within the final five years or so. The authors are invited participants of the department of natural Crystals, The Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ), and favourite invited specialists from overseas. This edited quantity is deliberate to be released periodically, no less than each five years, with contributions by means of trendy authors in Japan and from abroad.

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Thus, it is clear that the very early stages of crystallization yield a significant excess of the ˇ polymorph in this system. Further experiments [15], including ex situ studies to characterize the crystallization products by powder X-ray diffraction, confirmed that a pure sample of the ˇ polymorph is formed immediately on adding methanol to an aqueous solution of glycine. Thus, we can deduce that the lowintensity signal from the ˛ polymorph observed in the first spectrum in the in situ solid-state NMR study (Fig.

Acknowledgments We would like to thank Profs. Hisashi Yagi, Hironobu Naiki, and Hirotsugu Ogi for discussion. This work was supported by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry. References 1. M. C. Blake, From the globular to the fibrous state: protein structure and structural conversion in amyloid formation. Q. Rev. Biophys. 31, 1–39 (1998) 2. E. W. Kelly, Therapeutic approaches to protein-misfolding diseases. Nature 426, 905–909 (2003) 3.

A primer of amyloid nomenclature. Amyloid 14, 179–183 (2007) 7. M. V. E. , Functional amyloid – from bacteria to humans. Trends Biochem. Sci. 32, 217–224 (2007) 8. C. Wasmer, A. Lange, H. , Amyloid fibrils of the HET-s(218–289) prion form a beta solenoid with a triangular hydrophobic core. Science 319, 1523–1526 (2008) 9. K. H. R. , Functional amyloids as natural storage of peptide hormones in pituitary secretory granules. Science 325, 328–332 (2009) 10. J. M. P. , Partially unfolded states of “2 -microglobulin and amyloid formation in vitro.

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