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Om rn rn rn rn 5 I'm sure young children will love this new film. appeal I'm sure this .. young children. 6 David is very loving and loyal towards his family. devoted David his family. 7 Sue is crazy about Alan. madly Sue Alan. a The students disliked their new teacher. take The students .. new teacher. 3. besotted- overly - spot - world- time - partial - gOTU! ­ taken - detested - loathes 2 3 2. For questions I to 8 below, complete the second sentence so that it hasa similar meaning to the first sentence, using 3 to 8 words.

A (rav ) review: a (very good) written or spoken opinion of a film or play by a critic electrifying: very exciting an electrifying performance/ opening sequence j :i first: excellent [Note: third-rate: very poor quality or standard] first-rate film/cast Scene two is set in a forest. There was a long queue at the box office. thevery beginning of a film and tell you who was in the film and who was involved in making it It was a dreary film about contemporary life in Europe. 1<0: a new version of an older scene: in a play, an act is divided into scenes ry: boring, without life d It is a remake of Hitchcock's classic, 'Rear Window'.

6 He lay on the bed and looked up at the " .. 7 They were drinking tea out of .. 8 The only fruit in the house was a single 9 I tore what was in the wardrobe up for dusters, as it was only a bundle of . 10 That he wasn't very good at driving could be seen from his . 11 You'll never be able to cut anything with that 12 She went to the window and drew the 13 Even a mouse wouldn't eat that . 14 Haven't you got any better cutlery than this? There's only a . 2. Choose the correct item. 1 The vase slipped from his hands and, on hitting the floor, it into a thousand pieces.

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