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By Max Planck

The publication is a compilation of Max Planck's essays in accordance with an unique German assortment from 1922, released as 'Physikalische rundblicke. Gesammelte reden und aufsätze'.
The first variation of the English model was once initially released in 1925 as 'A Survey of Physics', and reprinted by way of Dover seeing that 1960 below the identify 'A Survey of actual Theory'. The variation on which the resource test is predicated isn't dated, and next to 1960.

The booklet is a part of a five volumes [UL] 'series' of Max Planck's essays at the philosophy of physics on hand in English on P2P venues. In approximate chronological order, the 'series' contains of:

1. prior to 1922: A Survey of actual thought [orig Ger. ed. 1922; 1st En. ed. 1925; used ed. repr. 1960 or later n.d.]
File: Planck Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized ed. Vol. 1. just before 1922 [A Survey of actual Theory][UL]
2. Later than 1922, previous to 1933: The Philosophy of Physics [orig. Ger. ed. 1933; 1st En. ed. 1936; used ed. repr. 1963]
File: Planck Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized ed. Vol. 2. Later than 1922, prior to 1933 [The Philosophy of Physics][UL]
3. 1926, 1929: The Universe within the gentle of contemporary Physics [orig. Ger. ed. 1926, 1929; 1st En. ed. & used ed. 1931]
File: Planck Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized ed. Vol. three. 1926, 1929 [The Universe within the gentle of recent Physics][UL]
4. ahead of 1932: the place Is technological know-how Going? [orig. Ger. ed. undetermined; 1st En. ed. & used ed. 1932]
File: Planck Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized ed. Vol. four. in advance of 1932 [Where Is technological know-how Going][UL]
5. 1947, 1948: medical Autobiography And different Papers [orig. Ger. eds. 1947, 1949; 1st En ed. 1950; used ed. n.d.]
File: Planck Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized ed. Vol. five. 1947, 1949 [Scientific Autobiography And different Papers][UL]
A single-file model of all five books (filename "Planck's Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized ed. Vols. 1-5 [1908-1948][UL]") is accessible simply as html.

The volumes of this 'series' are all to be had on Library Genesis in html, epub and pdf. For ease of id, the 'edition' box is marked 'Planck Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized Ed Vx [UL]'.

For information, see the 'About' portion of the respective epub or html documents (for pdfs, 'Properties' for an abridged information).

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For the present they allow matters to proceed quietly and take their stand from results that can be proved experimentally. It must be pointed out in this connection that there are many physical deductions from the theory of relativity, but that their verification demands measure­ ments so accurate that the instruments used are taxed to the utmost limit of their sensitivity. This is due, in the first place, to the fact that the velocities of the bodies considered are usually extremely small compared with the velocity of light.

Until recently the absolute independence of space and time was con­ sidered no less self-evident than the invariableness of the atom. There was a definite physical meaning to the question of the simultaneity of two observations at different places, without any necessity to inquire who had taken the time measurement. To-day it is quite the opposite. For a fact which up to now has been repeatedly verified by the most delicate optical and electro-dynamical experiments has brought that simple con­ ception into conflict with the so-called principle of constant velocity of light, which came into favour through Maxwell and Lorentz, and which states that the velocity of propagation of light in empty space is independent of the motion of the waves.

In these days, for the first time there seems to be a prospect of a final decision, as the result of a far-reaching movement affecting the whole of theoretical physics— a movement of such a radical and revolutionary nature that its effect is felt far outside the range of pure physics in the allied sciences of chemistry and astronomy, and even penetrates into psychology. Following this movement, dis­ sensions rage among scientists comparable with those which raged round the Copernican view of the universe.

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