New PDF release: A Problem book in Astronomy and Astrophysics

By Aniket Sule

This can be a compilation of difficulties from the foreign Olympiad in Astronomy and
Astrophysics (2007-2012).

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I09 - T14 - B) 8. Assuming that Phobos moves around Mars on a perfectly circular orbit in the equatorial plane of the planet, give the length of time Phobos is above the horizon for a point on the Martian equator. (I11 - T04 - B) 9. Assume that you are living in the time of Copernicus and do not know anything about Kepler’s laws. You might calculate Mars-Sun distance in the same way as he did. After accepting the revolutionary belief that all the planets are orbiting around the Sun, not around the Earth, you measure that the orbital period of Mars is 687 days, then you observe that 106 days after opposition of Mars, the planet appears in quadrature.

I09 - T13 - C) 10. The planet Taris: The planet Taris is home of the Korribian civilisation The Korribian species is a highly intelligent life form. They speak of Korribianese language. 1. Read it carefully. Korribian astronomers have been studying the heavens for thousands of years. Their knowledge can be summarized as follows: – Taris orbits its host star Sola in a circular orbit, at a distance of 1 Tarislength. – Taris orbits Sola in 1 Tarisyear. – The Obliquity of Taris is 3o with respect to the normal to its orbit.

Light curves of stars: A pulsating variable star KZ Hydrae was observed with a telescope equipped with a CCD camera. 1 shows a CCD image of KZ Hyd marked together with the comparison star and the check star. 1 lists the observation time in Heliocentric Julian dates, the magnitude differences of KZ Hyd and the check star relative to the comparison star in V and R band. (a) Draw the light curves of KZ Hyd relative to the comparison star in V and R band, respectively. (b) What are the average magnitude differences of KZ Hyd relative to the comparison star in V and R, respectively?

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