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34 Part Four 20. Nantuwunya ka pamkami? Yuwayi, nantuwu ka pamkami. Lawa, kulaka nantuwu pamkami. 21 . Ngarrkanya ka ngarlarrimi? Yuwayi, ngarrka ka ngarlarrimi. Lawa, kulaka ngarrka ngarlarrimi. f N ote Words like yuwayi 'yes, OK' and lawa 'no, nothing,' are only loosely attached to a sentence. The comma separating them from the rest of the sentence represents the pause that typically comes between them and the rest of the sentence, as you can hear on the tape. Now go back and revise u ntil you have thi s sectio n m astered .

These sentences would be typically translated into Warlpiri by sentences without a verb, such as: Nyampuju Jakamarra. this Jakamarra This is Jakamarra. Nampijinpa tija. Nampijinpa is a teacher. Wati wiri. man big The man is big. The words nyampuju, fakamarra, Nampijinpa, wati, tija and wiri are all nominals, and this verbless sentence pattern simply juxtaposes two nominals. Word order The order of words in Warlpiri sentences is much freer than in English. For e x ample, Nya mpuju fakama rra can also be expressed with the words swapped around as in: Jakamarra nyampuju.

56. Wangkami kanpa nyuntu(lu). You're talking. 57. Kulakama wangkami ngaju(lu). I'm not talking. 58. Kulakanpa wangkami nyuntu(lu). You're not talking. 59. Pirlingka kama nyinami ngaju(lu) . I'm sitting on a rock 60. Pirlingka kanpa nyinami nyuntu(lu). You're sitting on a rock Lesson Two 59 f N ote You can see that the auxiliary word can consist of just one element such as ka or it can be made up of two or more small parts such as kula+ka 'NEGATIVE+PRESENT', ka+rna 'PRESENT +I' or kula+ka+npa 'NEGATIVE+PRESENT+YOU'.

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