New PDF release: A generalized moverstayer model for panel data

By Cook R. J., Kalbfleisch J. D.

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5. The reason why only one predicate participates in the matching process will be discussed later. 5 × 1,000,000 rows = 500,000 rows, a very thick slice! 7 Two matching columns—a thin slice. 8 One matching column—a thicker slice. 4 SELECT FROM WHERE PRICE, COLOR, DEALERNO AUTO MAKE = :MAKE AND YEAR = :YEAR Some textbooks recommend that index columns should be ordered according to descending cardinality (the number of distinct values). , with WHERE A = :A AND B = :B, indexes (A, B) and (B, A) would be equivalent] nor that of updates—this is a reasonable recommendation.

34 Chapter 3 SQL Processing In DB2 for z/OS the predicates that are too complex for the optimizer in the sense that index screening is not enabled are called stage 2 predicates. The opposite term is stage 1. Many product guides do not discuss index screening at all. Hopefully, this means that the products do index screening whenever it is logically possible; before making this assumption, however, it could well be worthwhile performing a simple experiment such as the following: A table having four columns is created with 100,000 rows; the first three columns, A, B, and C, each have 100 different values.

Considerably more detail of these processes will be provided throughout the book, at a time when it is more convenient to do so. Remember that the glossary provided at the end of the book summarizes all the terms used throughout this chapter. Relational Database Index Design and the Optimizers, by Tapio Lahdenm¨aki and Michael Leach Copyright  2005 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 29 30 Chapter 3 SQL Processing PREDICATES A WHERE clause consists of one or more predicates (search arguments). 1. 1 WHERE SEX = ‘M’ AND (WEIGHT > 90 OR HEIGHT > 190) ž SEX = ‘M’ ž WEIGHT > 90 ž HEIGHT > 190 They can also be considered as two compound predicates: ž WEIGHT > 90 OR HEIGHT > 190 ž SEX = ‘M’ AND (WEIGHT > 90 OR HEIGHT > 190) Predicates are the primary starting points for index design.

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