504 Absolutely Essential Words by Murray Bromberg PDF

By Murray Bromberg

This up-to-date vocabulary-building booklet provides the fundamental middle of phrases that scholars at middle-school and better degrees needs to be aware of and have the capacity to use fluently for educational good fortune. those phrases additionally represent crucial vocabulary for ESL scholars and test-takers, in addition to others who converse English as their moment language. The authors current a sequence of short word-building classes, every one introducing 12 new phrases which are provided in pattern sentences and brief articles. Fill-in-the-blanks routines support scholars degree their word-building development. proficient with transparent but easy definitions and examples, readers will locate their vocabulary has better dramatically.

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11. decrease ( di kres ') make or become less a. As he kept spending money, the amount he had saved decreased. b. In order to improve business, the store owner decreased his prices. c. The landlord promised to decrease our rent. 12. audible ( o da bal) able to be heard a. From across the room, the teacher's voice was barely audible. b. After Len got his new hearing aid, my telephone calls became audible. c. Commands from Ann's drill sergeant were always easily audible. Words in Use Read the following passage to see how the new words are used in it.

1 8. accurate (ak u rit) exactly right as the result of care or pains a. Ushers took an accurate count of the people assembled* in the theater. b. Emma's vision* was so accurate that she didn't need glasses. c. In writing on the topic,* Vergil used accurate information. 1 so LESSON 16 51 9. microscope ( m I' kr~ sk6 p) instrument with a lens for making objects larger so that one can see things more clearly a. The students used a microscope to see the miniature* insect. b. When young Oprah's birthday came around, her uncle gave her a microscope.

Much of our population* is constantly migrating to other areas of the country. c. My grandfather migrated to New York from Italy in 1919. 8. vessel (ves 1 al) a ship; a hollow container; tube containing body fluid a. The Girl Scouts were permitted a glimpse* of the vessel being built when they toured the Navy Yard. b. My father burst a blood vessel when he got the bill from the garage. c. Congress voted to decrease* the amount of money being spent on space vessels. 9. persist (par sist continue firmly; refuse to stop or be changed a.

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