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These images run the gauntlet. I see myself struggling to pick the behaviors I need to coast through a gathering of my husband’s business associates. I see myself becoming a bundle of nerves as I try to figure out exactly how to take money out of my savings account, or how to mail a package overseas, or how to find a store on an unfamiliar side of my town. I picture myself running conversations in my mind with this meaning attached to this word and then that meaning attached to that word, over and over and over again until loads of meanings have found their way to loads of the words being spoken to me, all this to be as sure as I can that I’m not overlooking any tiny speech nuances that will make it impossible for me to know for certain I am accurately figuring out what is being said to me.

We are rule followers and rule enforcers who can help others to see how much better the world would run if everyone obeyed the letter of the law. Just think, there would be no more car accidents because someone ran a red light or drove too fast; there would be room for everyone’s luggage on the airplane; no one would ever sit in your designated seat again; you would always keep your place in line; you would get ahead in this world, even if you didn’t know anyone in power; you could believe what you heard; you could sleep with a clear conscience.

No matter how hard my husband and I try to teach her it is admirable to be happy in her own skin, she tries often to wear someone else’s. Her ability to echo others is uncanny. She is exceptionally good at inventing herself according to the model someone else has put before her. She copies everything from vocal tones and inflections, to manners of dress and behavior, to patterns of logic and reasoning. She’s like a chameleon, this one is. On one hand this pleases us, for it is a very crafty way to fit in.

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